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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

Today the Doctor stopped one of my blood pressure medications.  I'm so excited to finally see some of the medications starting to be dropped off.  Now I'm just waiting for my first set of labs to come back......

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Day in the life.

The morning starts with B12 and a blood pressure pill

Breakfast 0900- 30 grams of protein

1030 starts the first liter of water

1130 need a little stress reducing, 6 M&M's

1pm it's lunch time- another 30grams of protein

2pm starts the second liter of water for the day

3pm a little cinnamon coated nuts- 15 grams of protein

It's 4pm and I still have about 3/4 cup of water to drink to get my 2 liters in.

530pm- it's dinner time-14 grams of protein with a little carb

Whats left after dinner,  I could only eat the slider patty and half the bun.

7pm I needed a lime Popsicle as the slider was a touch spicy.  This is a mini one

8pm I start taking my Juice plus, Calcium and night time pills.  This will take me 1 hour.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little frustrations.

So this week has been sort of annoying.  I have had an acne break out on my face, I haven't had that issue in many years.  I've also been very tired, nodding off while I'm working at my computer.  I called the doctor and she had me start Zinc and Vitamin E for the skin issues, she also told me to use Aloe gel on my face at night.  These three things worked with in 24 hours for the skin issues.  I was told to increase my protein shakes so I'm getting 90 grams of protein in plus whatever food I'm eating.  I'm hitting a period of rapid weight loss as I've lost 3lbs since Monday and need more protein to maintain my strength.  This morning I was a little weak and felt very depleted.  However after I had my morning shake I felt better.  I really notice that the mornings are tough if I don't get in that protein shake with in 2 hours of waking up.  Going for so many hours at night without having anything to eat really takes a lot out of you.  During the day I need to have something at least every three hours and that is pushing it.  I keep nuts at my desk to munch on along with my water.

I had to order a special pill holder/keeper so I can keep track of everything I need to take.  At least a lot of it is vitamins and not prescription meds.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New clothes are needed

Well a week ago Sunday I tried on a several pairs of pants that I've been waiting to wear.  They were all to tight to button.  So this week I have two pairs of them and they are both way to big.  I may only lost 3lbs but have lost 3 inches as well.  It's great but a little harsh on my wardrobe.  I guess I'll be shopping this weekend for some work pants.  I haven't lost that many inches in my upper body mostly in my legs and waist.

Friday, July 12, 2013

An exciting moment..

So today during a meeting at work I leaned back in my chair and crossed my leg at the knee level.  It took a few minutes to sink in but I was so amazed.  I have not been able to sit with my legs crossed in years.  I was so taken back that I forgot I was in a meeting.
I know that I've dropped 60+ pounds but I don't think it really hit until today.  Yesterday I realized that the pants I had on were way to big.  I of course did not notice until half way thru the work day.  I added them to the donate pile when I got home.  Even though I have not lost any weight for two weeks I have dropped several inches just in the last week.  On Monday I wore a pair of hospital scrubs to work and I washed them Wednesday and wore them again today.  They were very loose and I had trouble keeping them tied tight enough to stay up.  I didn't have that issue on Monday when I wore them.

I understand that I will always have a body image issue.  You can not weigh over 300lbs for most of your life and not have one.  But little things like being able to cross you legs and walking up a flight of stairs really make you realize how much in life you have missed.  I see my co-workers who have had this surgery and you can tell they are loosing weight.  However when I look at myself I feel like I haven't lost as much.  But in reality I have.