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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I finally wore the new scrubs I purchased the week before I had surgery.  They are 2 sizes down from then.  As I was posting the pictures earlier I realized how much weight I have lost.  76 pounds is a lot. To put it in perspective pull out a pound of butter/margarine (or 4 sticks).  I've lost 304 sticks of butter or 76 pounds of butter.  I wish I could get a picture of 76 pound containers of butter.  I think it's amazing how we don't really think about our weight in terms of food products.  But I know I have eaten my weight in butter over my life time probably 3-4 times.
Yes I feel better although I have periods where I'm tired and that is more related to low blood sugar and forgetting to eat.  I'm also working on lowering my last blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is lower than it should be at times which adds to the tired feeling.  However my labs look great and that is because of the juice plus, zinc, B12, calcium, and iron.  I also am strict about getting my water and at least 90 grams of protein in a day.
I'm asked all the time if the surgery was worth it.  The answer is yes and I'll never regret finally doing it.

4 months and 76lbs pounds gone

8/18/2013/4 months after surgery-273lbs

3/29/2013-2 week to surgey-349lbs

Monday, August 5, 2013

107 days and counting

It's been 107 days since my surgery. Everything seems to be going smoothly.  The weight loss tally so far is 70lbs lost.  I'm told frequently that I don't look like someone who has had bar attic surgery.  Because I look healthy and do not have a grey sickly tinge to my skin.  I know may people start to look wiped out around the three month point.  But I'm very careful about following the rules of getting enough protein and water in everyday.  I also make sure to take my juice plus, B12, zinc, calcium, and iron.  These things are very important to keep you well nourished after surgery. But the protein and water are the highest priority.