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Friday, October 25, 2013

Little things

"Just because your miracle doesn't look like the miracle you were expecting, that doesn't mean it isn't the one you've been waiting for" http://www.live-inspired.com/Fight-On-P1257

I was asked today what things in my life have changed since I had bariatric surgery.  My attitude towards food and the way I eat of course are the biggest.  But upon reflection I realized that a number of other smaller changes have occurred. 
I have re discovered my love of tea.  Not just any tea but a good cup of herbal tea.  I actually had to buy a tea pot, cups and saucers.  Drinking tea from a cup and saucer makes the tea better and serving it from a ceramic tea pot seems just perfect.  I really enjoy my evening ritual of making and drinking a pot of caffeine free herbal tea before bed.  It has reminded me how important the little things are and that sometimes simple pleasures make a much bigger impact than you realize.  I feel more grounded since I have started this ritual again and have been able to handle the high stress in my work life much more calmly.   I now have a hot water maker in my office at work and spend the first hour drinking a cup of zen tea every morning while addressing my email. 
So yes re discovering my love of tea has changed my life.  This would have not happened without my having bariatric surgery.  I have been to addicted to Coke Zero and Diet Coke to even think about enjoying a cup of tea.